HMV Central

A different approach was adopted for HMV’s second store opening, choosing a color palette of blond wood and extreme repetition of a wall bay design and exposed tube-lighting to create an expansive retail space with a fresh, clean and contemporary character.


An iconic service counter with neon signage is the landmark in this shopping square. Directory signage, visual merchandising tools, and modular furniture is all designed to easily modify setups to adapt to changing needs.

HMV Emporium

This entertainment emporium occupies the three top floors of the Pearl City Mall in Causeway Bay. The building structure is typical for shopping malls of the seventies: low ceilings and deep floor plates with little natural light.


The client brief asked for an extremely short design and construction period, a layout that offered flexibility to adapt to changing needs, a way to bring more light and space to each floor and a raw and ready-made aesthetic.


The solution was the construction of a new atrium, visually connecting the three floors. This was combined with an interior design scheme that left most of the original building structure untouched. It was simply cleaned, sealed and left exposed. Building services were carefully designed so they could be left exposed too and contribute to the aesthetic.


Brick partitions and a couple of design ‘events’ such as signage, cashiers, bars and Dj booths were strategically placed throughout the space to create focal points and guide the visitors. A lighting system was installed to enhance this experience. Level 1 contains music a movie collection, level 2 contains lifestyle and audio products and level 3 a bar, restaurant, and music stage and a small retail area.