CARFT is an innovative retailer specialising in beautiful and useful things for the home. CARFT SHATIN is the first concept store located in the largest one-stop home furnishing shopping mall in Hong Kong, HomeSquare.


Three Dogs designed a conscious break from the homeware retailing mold. The store design creates a seductive continuous perimeter the presentation that maximises display and stock storage.


Presenting the products at table height invites browsing and handling by customers. The striking orange color theme is part of the visual identity, in-store communications, and signage programme.


A leading furniture and homeware store, INSIDE in Hong Kong since 1997. The store was designed as a blank canvas, with all the display tools needed to support INSIDE’s eclectic and ever-changing selection of homewares.


All stores elements are designed to be flexible, practical, durable, unobtrusive yet supporting the retail identity. Walls are lined with a flexible shelving system with built-in illumination, a variety of shelf types and accessories to support various product ranges. A compact cashier houses all necessary storage and a changing room. With this design, INSIDE is ready for the next 15 years.

Leluxe Teas

Leluxe brings top quality European teas and tea accessories to the China market.

The retail identity is a contemporary interpretation of European tea culture: attractive, sophisticated and accessible to a young audience.

The defining elements are the signature wallpaper and the iconic tea bar and tea wall. A simple but effective shelf system and visual merchandising standard present product in a clear, attractive manner. The same fixture modules can be used to build kiosk, shop-in-shop or stand-alone store setups.