CARFT is an innovative retailer specialising in beautiful and useful things for the home. CARFT SHATIN is the first concept store located in the largest one-stop home furnishing shopping mall in Hong Kong, HomeSquare.


Three Dogs designed a conscious break from the homeware retailing mold. The store design creates a seductive continuous perimeter the presentation that maximises display and stock storage.


Presenting the products at table height invites browsing and handling by customers. The striking orange color theme is part of the visual identity, in-store communications, and signage programme.


A leading furniture and homeware store, INSIDE in Hong Kong since 1997. The store was designed as a blank canvas, with all the display tools needed to support INSIDE’s eclectic and ever-changing selection of homewares.


All stores elements are designed to be flexible, practical, durable, unobtrusive yet supporting the retail identity. Walls are lined with a flexible shelving system with built-in illumination, a variety of shelf types and accessories to support various product ranges. A compact cashier houses all necessary storage and a changing room. With this design, INSIDE is ready for the next 15 years.

Wild Bounty

The store design is based on the idea of expressing the power harnessed in New Zealand natural environment.


Cues from the brands’ packaging design, a controlled palette of materials and forms are combined into a distinctive retail experience that elevates the products. A large plant wall creates a striking shopfront image, while inside long tiered solid wood display shelves stand out against the subtly angled lines of the perimeter walls and the soft tones of the terrazzo flooring.


A lot of care was put into designing the product presentation. A selection of display and tester trays, graphic displays and visual merchandising guidelines make the product range very accessible. Cork display columns with plated steel inserts showcase key offers. A graphic wall with a striking three-dimensional treatment acts as a background for the cork-and-glass service counter. Playful details such as the handles and railings, display tools and the yellow gridlines that lead the first-floor treatment room complement the experience.


Shirts are the main focus of the shop, the display platform and focus cabinets communicate the shirts-only positioning, The varied visual merchandising options communicate the wide range available.


ShirtStops unique design theme positions the brand as an attractive price-quality proposition. The combination of clean lighting, colorful detail, graphics, the playful merchandising and the easy-going home-style furniture and details create a memorable design concept.


The store design is a low threshold – customer friendly, allowing customers to satisfy their curiosity for our brand and enter the store. At the same time, the store design enhances the quality and style perception of the product through the customers’ eyes. The wall system shows shoppers the wide range in styles, color, and size in a way that is organised, flexible and interesting to look at without getting repetitive. The product, combined with a clean/quality presentation and a clear price point, represent a good value proposition.

Robe di Kappa

Donxiang Group, the owner of the Kappa license for China, appointed Three Dogs / Retail Design to develop a retail identity for its high-end Robe Di Kappa sports fashion brand. Starting from a strategic design analysis, the design combines a distinctive azure-white contrast with a visual language is based on form generating principles derived from the Kappa logomark.


Visual merchandising is used to enhance the sports fashion positioning of the brand. The concept was tested in a prototype shop and subsequently rolled out in 30+ locations. A comprehensive set of display props was added later.


A0: The Photobook Centre, this specialty store in Hong Kong’s IFC mall retails Photobooks and exclusive photography accessories and camera’s. Customers can also create and order custom books and canvasses using their own photography. The approach to the design was two-fold: clarifying the offer and product mix through visual merchandising and creating an inspiring artist studio/library environment.


The materials mimic the finish of black & white photography & silver gelatin prints. Softbox studio lights are used as a light feature over the center tables.


Crocs designs, manufactures and retails footwear, using its patented Croslite material. Driven by Crocs’ Asia marketing office the project involved developing a retail environment design that could showcase the product collection and work as the basis to build up brand recognition through its retail network in Asia.


Our approach to the project involved analysis of clients’ product line, proposed retail formats, brand identity, customer expectation and competitive landscape. On the basis of this analysis, Three Dogs designed a very flexible and simple fixturing system. To simulate their performance with end users all fixture and furniture elements were tested and modified in prototypes prior to manufacturing. After opening a prototype store, a retail environment guideline was developed. Currently, the design has been implemented in hundreds of Crocs stores across the region from Japan to South Africa.


Ever since introducing our design Crocs shops are consistently top performers In terms of sales per square foot. Three Dogs continues to be involved with Crocs designing new fixture programs,  store formats, and planning of stores throughout the region.