New Balance

Three Dogs was initially approached by New Balance to handle the retail design of its Taipei flagship store. Three Dogs reviewed New Balance’s retail design standards and documentation and produced a design and documentation pack for this store that significantly improved the quality of the outcome by tightening up and clarifying details, connections, and functionality. The process was continued in a design for a Flagship store in Malaysia.


Three Dogs also worked closely with the New Balance team on a multi-brand footwear concept and guideline and the Flagship portion of its Global retail guideline.

Lee Jeans

Three Dogs/ Retail design developed a store concept based on the black and white of the Lee logo and the industrial/chic brand positioning.


The concept stores consist of a black men’s department, a white women’s department and a glass pavilion with imported premium denim. Products are displayed on a combination of specially designed furniture and found objects, including furniture consisting of bases of industrial machinery.


This resulted in an exciting, vibrant shopping environment that managed to introduce the brand to a younger audience. The concept was rolled out in dozens of concept stores and in a modified version in hundreds of shop-in-shops.


Shirts are the main focus of the shop, the display platform and focus cabinets communicate the shirts-only positioning, The varied visual merchandising options communicate the wide range available.


ShirtStops unique design theme positions the brand as an attractive price-quality proposition. The combination of clean lighting, colorful detail, graphics, the playful merchandising and the easy-going home-style furniture and details create a memorable design concept.


The store design is a low threshold – customer friendly, allowing customers to satisfy their curiosity for our brand and enter the store. At the same time, the store design enhances the quality and style perception of the product through the customers’ eyes. The wall system shows shoppers the wide range in styles, color, and size in a way that is organised, flexible and interesting to look at without getting repetitive. The product, combined with a clean/quality presentation and a clear price point, represent a good value proposition.

Robe di Kappa

Donxiang Group, the owner of the Kappa license for China, appointed Three Dogs / Retail Design to develop a retail identity for its high-end Robe Di Kappa sports fashion brand. Starting from a strategic design analysis, the design combines a distinctive azure-white contrast with a visual language is based on form generating principles derived from the Kappa logomark.


Visual merchandising is used to enhance the sports fashion positioning of the brand. The concept was tested in a prototype shop and subsequently rolled out in 30+ locations. A comprehensive set of display props was added later.